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Who We Are

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Our Services

Our staff is committed to providing compassionate and confidential services in a welcoming environment. Medical services are provided by licensed medical personnel.


Our Services Include:


  • Pregnancy Tests

  • Ultrasounds

  • Abortion Education

  • Pregnancy Options

  • Medical Referrals

  • Parenting Education

  • Support for Men

  • Post-Abortion Support

Our Services
Misson Vision


We demonstrate God’s love and share the Gospel through word and deed.
We compassionately provide life affirming support, education, and resources at no cost to the client.
We connect the local church with families facing unplanned pregnancies, providing the church with opportunities to minister to these families. We also offer the local church the opportunity to provide volunteer, material, and financial support to the QC PRC.

We use every means of communication available to make QC PRC well known and quickly discoverable and to help our clients stay easily connected with us.


The QC PRC is a ministry to women facing unplanned
pregnancies that partners with the local church to serve her family,

save her child, and share the Gospel.

Support Programs

Support Programs

We offer the following :

  • Hope Classes - Biweekly, pregnant moms support group that covers a variety of topics, educating mothers on healthy pregnancy and newborn care.

  • Father's Place - Support Group for men that meets at the same time as Hope Class.  Dads also cover a variety of practical pregnancy and parenting topics. 

  • QC Boutique - Our store of brand-new baby items donated by churches and individuals.  Moms and Dads receive tickets for class attendance to trade for baby items. 

  • Continuum of Care - Many of our clients need additional support after their initial contact with us. Our COC program provides guidance on budgeting, housing, resume writing, education, etc.  

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