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In the months since Roe v Wade has been overturned pro-life Christians just like you are asking themselves what they can do to put their time and resources behind their beliefs.


Over 11,000 children lose their lives to abortion every year in our city. For Queen City Pregnancy Resource Center, this isn’t acceptable. God has planted QC PRC central to 3 abortion clinics in the local Charlotte area and we believe He wants you to join us as champions for life in our community.  

You can invest your time and resources as we partner with you to: ​

  • Save.  By serving her well, our hope in prayer is that we have put these mothers in the best possible place to choose life.  Experience has shown us that women don’t want to choose abortion - they often feel it is their only choice. It is through serving the mom we save the baby.  Ultimately our goal is not only for them to choose life for their child but to provide a path to salvation through Christ for her and her family.  

  • Share. We gently and respectfully share our faith at every step of the client's journey.  Again, we learn where she is spiritually and what role faith plays in her life.  We share the Truth of God’s love for her, her baby and family.  We weave faith through our conversations, our follow-up care and our ongoing support services with the intention of leading her back to you - the local church - for life transformation through discipleship.  

Once we walk the client through the time of fear and anxiety, we want to support or “wrap around” and serve our clients and families in tangible ways. These wrap around services that we can provide because of supporters like you include:


  • Material needs – We can supply our clients with items needed for the baby’s first year of life.  

  • HOPE classes – multi-purpose bi-monthly prenatal and pregnancy classes provide an opportunity for an organic support group. This often involves local churches who provide dinner and a devotional for participants.   

  • Post Abortion Bible Study and Support Group – A Biblically based, confidential 8-week study is available for women who have experienced or been involved with an abortion decision.  

  • Life Community – Our volunteers are ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our clients as well as provide a pathway for them to connect to the local church.  

Will you stand up for those 11,000 children who may lose their lives this year in Charlotte and continue the work that God has started in our community? 

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  • Serve. Our clients receive first class medical care.  You can help us provide the pregnancy tests and ultrasounds that are performed by licensed nurses and sonographers.  The families we serve walk through our doors scared and anxious. The pressures they face come from many directions, so they need holistic care.  Pro-life people like you have allowed us to have highly trained and experienced staff who take the time to listen to each client’s story and learn what brought her to the place where she is considering an abortion.  Then, we are able to bring in our Continuum of Care Coordinator to systematically evaluate and alleviate those pressures through direct* services here as well as make connections to community resources.  

Our first client's baby!

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